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WRITTEN in STONE, search cemeteries


            ..................a cemetery inhabitant "free"   MASTER   search, 
                                                                                 for Mercer County, West Virginia
                                                                                                                                                                        by Arthur L. Davidson

                       Welcome-----    may your visit be both comfortable and rewarding!!! 

                     WHERE ARE YOUR FOLKS BURIED?

                                                                This " unknown" has surely been a
                                                                    nagging and un-resolved experience
                                                    for many of you,
                                   and, most definitely, it has been, for me. 
                                            In many cases, 
                                                    we may even know the large general area of the grave site,
                                                                        circumstances have made it impossible,  
                                                                                 to go look for,
                                                                                            or to know for sure,
                                                 just where our relative has been placed.


                     Hopefully, some bit, of the information,
                                                                                     in this 
                                                    county-wide, searchable database,
                                            may be the "find" that ends the complexities,
                                                                                of the long hunting season,
                                                                                        that each of us has been on, 
                                                                 at some time during our family search endeavors.

                                                                               The credit for the content
                                                                                   of this research vehicle

                                                                                      must be awarded to each of many, many people;
                                               un-related, perhaps,
                                                                         in a genealogical sense,
                                                                having a common purpose;

                                                              that being,
                               1) to contribute of their time, efforts and expenses,
                                                                              in an attempt to give an amount of due
                                                                     reverence and "remembrance
         to those folks who have gone on before us;  
) recording their record that is
                                                               "written in stone"; and,

                                       3) providing a tool of research,
                                                                           for each one of us today----- and,

also for our as yet un-born, replacement, researchers. 

In your mind, or, holler, if you wish, thank the contributors,
                                                                                        of this data----- 
                              hurray.............., hurrah..............., hurrah...............!!!

                                    There are many of these cemetery locations,
                                               that are situated
in the hilly areas, 
of good old Mercer County, that
                                                                                                  "MOTHER NATURE
as once again re-claimed
                                      taken back what was
from her---- 
, if you will, 
                                       "we" may be among those that h
ave not been good stewards.


Making the trek to a cemetery location,
                                       can be quite perilous,
                                   in and of itself. 
                                                             While obtaining the information, 
                                                   from the grave stones, those that can be found, 
                                                                these contributor 
may have put themselves in
                                                                                  "harms' way",
 in many precarious ways;
                                                    as it can be said of many of these cemetery sites,

there's a jungle out there".
Hats off to each of you guys and gals!!!

                      Other cemetery data is contained in the following informative sites ---------
                                   MY ANCESTRY---Linda Akers
                                                 "SHINBRIER" Almost Heaven---Dizzy Harris
                                                                 USGENWEB TOMBSTONE PROJECT---Mercer Co, WV


                                 Last updated: 23 June 2003.
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                      Please contact this web site owner should you wish to contribute::: 
1. additional cemetery listings; 
2. corrections in any of the database data; 
                                                                  3. fill in now-missing supplemental data;
                                                                                      4. tombstone photos; 
                                                               5. cemetery location photos; 
                                      6. copies of any documents to support the facts and figures in this database.

The short of it is-----
                                            any thing that pertains to 
                                                               Mercer County, WV, cemeteries, 
                                                                                  and to the folks, 
                                                                                                     that are buried in those cemeteries.


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