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What is a "MASTER" search?

           Definition of "master", as used in this context::
               .........The goal for this Web Site is that it contain the interment inventories(listings) for as many cemeteries, as is possible, if, not for all of them, in the whole of Mercer County, WV.
               .........As this collection process progresses, the Web Site will become searchable, by surname, and, by surname & given name, resulting in one search of all of the available cemetery listings, at one time.   As the Site develops; more search capabilities of the data will be instituted. 
               .........This "master" idea has evolved from my frustration with the magnitude and expanse of the cemetery information, removing it, at least for me, from the realm of being an efficient research tool, as the time involved just does not produce adequate results. 
               .........The scope of this Web Site project has and does consume a great quantity of time,  which is paid-in-full, by the satisfaction afforded me, by those folks that have readily expressed their belief in the time-saving attributes of this "first-ever" format of genealogy research.   The "test" period, to introduce the idea, in the public domain, by offering my personal search, for requested information, was highly successful.

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