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Crews Cemetery

                                                    Directions to the cemetery::
                         The earliest "written in stone" legible death date is 1882.
                                                                                                   The latest death date is 1963.

             ..............CREWS Cemetery, Mercer Co., WV 
                                     -----------Contributed for use in the USGenWeb Archives August 28, 2001                       
                                                                                                by Stephen W. Wyatt.
                      .....The Crews Cemetery is located in northern Mercer Co., 
                                                                             six miles north of Athens W.V.
                              .....You turn left on Pine Grove Road, go 1.7 miles on this road.
                                      .....At that point make a right on a pavement to gravel road,
                                              .....turn right, on the first gravel road and go up the hill.
                                                       .....Total distance from Pine Grove Road is one-half mile.
                      .....The cemetery was started on the Crews farm which has been sold,
                                                                                      but a deeded right of way is available.
Stephen W. Wyatt is the transcriber;
                                    [This is a verbatim copy of the full disclosure made by the contributor].
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