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Hunsuckle Cemetery

                                                      Directions to the cemetery::
                         The earliest "written in stone" legible death date is 1906.
                                                                                                     The latest death date is 1965.

                        ...............HUNSUCKLE Cemetery
                     .....This is a very large cemetery with many graves marked with field stones                       
                                    and many more unmarked.
                                          .....Several of the unmarked are infant children of DeWitt and 
                                                          Lillie Mae Prichard Sigmon.
                             .....It is hard to reach this cemetery even with a four wheel drive vehicle. 
                     .....It is located on top of Morgan's Ridge above Wenonah and Arista, WV.
                                                              ................Contributed by Bob & Pauline Pruett --                                                                                                          
                    [This is a verbatim copy of the full disclosure made by the contributors].
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