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Herndon Cemetery

                                                    Directions to this cemetery::
                         The earliest "written in stone" legible death date is 1882.
                                                                                                     The latest death date is 1990.

                                 .......HERNDON Cemetery,
                                                              Montcalm, Mercer County, West Virginia
                                               ...From Bluefield, WV: Route 52 North, to Bluewell:
                                               ...From Princeton: Route 20 West, to Bluewell:
                   .......from this common intersection(routes #20 & #52),
                                 first of two traffic lights,
                                       in Bluewell,
                                              continue on #52,
                                                     turn right at the next(second & last) traffic light,
                                                             Route #71, Lorton Lick Road,
                                                                     to Montcalm;
          down-town Montcalm,
                                turn left across the Bluestone River bridge, 
                                        toward McComas;
                   .......immediately at the end of the bridge, 
                                 turn across the Crane Creek bridge
to the left,
following along the flat area beside Bluestone River,
                                              across the rail-road tracks to the right,
                                                     up the hill, 
                                                            to the Riverside Methodist
Church building,
                                                                   on the right. 
                                                                          Park on the church black-top lot;
                   .......directly in front of the church building there is a drive entrance,
                                 between a house 
on the left, and,
                                       a mobile home on the right;
                   .......the cemetery is located behind the house on the left,
                                                by walking down the auto stone drive-way.
                   .......This cemetery, whose front faces the church building, is composed of
                                   three distinct areas:
                             1) an open center and rear:
                                           condition not too "bad", 
                                                       having a lot of short
                             2) a fenced "Lovern" family section:
                                           on the right front corner-----
                                                    presently under
control of Mother Nature, 
                                                              and, earth beings,
                                                                         that have used it as a dumping
                                                                                  for brush and tree cuttings;
                             3) a fenced "Pigg" family section:
                                                  on the left front corner-----
                                                                  this section, in 2001, 
                                                                                  was cleaned "to the ground", 
                                                                                               tombstones re-set and aligned,
                                                                                  graves filled(all have tombstones), 
                                                                  placement of flowers, and, 
                                                  the total frontage
area cleared about eight feet in width. 
                              Family members participating in this 2001"clean-up" project were:
                                             Woodrow and Norma Pigg Duncan, of Princeton, wv
                                                           James Edward and Ruth Pigg Jonesof Princeton, wv;                      
                                                                        Randolph Davidson, of Columbus, oh; and, 
                                                                                     Arthur Davidson,
of Columbus, oh.
                               [Transcribed by Arthur L. Davidson, 07 July 2001].
             ...............NOTE  by Arthur L. Davidson-----the historical name, and, the
                                                community "known-as" name, is HERNDON CEMETERY.
                                         ......THIS INFORMATION WAS COLLECTED ON June 4, 2002
                                                                             by David Hambrick and Ken Bowen
                          and contributed for use in the USGenWeb Archives.
From Route 52 in Bluewell take Route 71(Lorton Lick Road)
                     to Montcalm.  In downtown Montcalm turn left toward McComas, then turn left
                                   on the
first road to the left after crossing the bridge.  Go up to the
                                           Methodist Church and turn
left again.  The cemetery is straight
                                                     across the road from he church.
                       .........This is a very
rough cemetery with brush, briers, and poison oak........
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